Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Greenhouse Cafe

The Greenhouse Cafe

Following the preschool graduation concert, several of the graduating families headed out to dinner to celebrate together. A glass of wine for the grown-ups and a run around for the kids was definitely the order of the day after the emotional end to our afternoon.

Two wonderful mums organised it all for us at a local restaurant, The Greenhouse Cafe with the extremely accommodating owner, Dominic. They had booked out the whole back area of the restaurant for our group, which had a great grassed area that was completely fenced for the kids to run and play.

The Greenhouse Cafe has been open on Great North Rd, Five Dock (in the Inner West of Sydney) for ten months. Even though it is a local venue for us we had yet to go there.

As we walked around to the back area we were so impressed. They had set up tables for the adults to sit and picnic rugs adorned the grass for the kids to be able to eat together.

The venue isn't licensed, however is BYO, so the parents indulged in some beer, wine, cider and bubbles to toast our kids spending the past five years together. While the kids ran around and around on the grass. They played hide and seek, dancing, rumbles, and stacks on with some of the dads and did handstands with some of the mums.

When the food was served, we had garlic bread and an assortment of pastas; tortellini boscaiola, spaghetti bolognese, and chicken penne. Alongside pizzas; napoletana and vegetarian.

We served the kids first and they sat in a circle on the picnic rugs. As they ate the pizza and pasta hungrily, not a word was uttered and there were no complaints as all their dinners were finished and some seconds were requested. The adults followed suit and we were also not disappointed.

The food was abundant and delicious and our waiters were very accommodating and professional. They had no issue with the many kids running and screaming on the grassed area and packed us "doggy bags" to take home the leftover food. They were very attentive to us and we can't thank them enough.

We will definitely be going back there. If you are ever in the Inner West area of Sydney and looking for a place to eat you should check it out too.

Do you have a local cafe/restaurant that you love and is great for kids?

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and views are my own.

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