Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I love me some red carpet fashion

I am certainly not fashionable and have never claimed to be. In fact I am so far from it I should probably wear a sign but that would most likely be stating the extremely bleating obvious.

But I do love to peruse the fashion pages, especially the day after a red carpet event.

Last night the Dally M's were held, which is the NRL's night of nights. The players and their partners get to frock up and saunter down the red carpet in their finest. Well, more than likely not their finest, but the finest of whichever designer has asked them to spruik their wares.

Here are my picks on best dressed.

Charlotte Dawson.

image credit

Yolanda Hodgson.

image credit

Clearly I like the gold patterned long sleeve dress. I have no idea who the designers are and more than likely would never have heard of them anyway.

I also like that their hair hasn't been teased within an inch of it's life so it sticks up like a Something about Mary moment.

Are you fashionable?
or are you like me and just like to look at fashion?
Do you have any fav red carpet fashions?

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