Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - the bathroom

Our bathroom is big, too big in fact. Some things I love about it and others I hate.

The painted blue walls with black and white tiles, I hate.

The gorgeous big bath, I love.

One day we will re-do it, just not today.

Our frog made out of recycled cutlery

The blue walls and black and white tiles

The gorgeous bath

Our sink

A cold tap

A loo paper holder

Door knob on the vanity cupboard

Bath foot

Do you love or hate your bathroom?

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  1. I hate our downstairs bathroom. My son left a tap running for a whole day once with the plug in and the vanity is waterlogged. It is damp and stinky and now matter how much I air it out or what air freshner I use it still stinks!!! When I win lotto I will rip the whole thing out!

    1. That would be my worst nightmare. Our house is really old so can get damp, it is an awful smell.

  2. That is the best loo paper holder I have ever seen!!!

    I would love our bathroom if it wasn't cluttered with Miss 16's makeup, hair, rubbish, wet towels, clothes ... thankfully we have an ensuite although it's only tiny, and the main bathroom has the BATH. Humph!

    1. Our renovation plans include an ensuite for our bedroom before our kids reach their teens :)

      I bought a similar holder for my friend and the toe nails were painted!!

  3. I love the loo paper holder too! Your bathroom is kinda quirky! Don't hate it too much. Ours is a two way bathroom with an unfinished shower unit that's been like that for about 6 years! We pulled out the spouty thing as it needed replacing so we bought and installed a brand new u beaut one and its still there with construction tape around it so that water doesn't seep behind it! And we have not got the money at the moment to renovate it. ARRGGHHH

    1. I can't wait to have the money to renovate our place - it is our 5 year plan :)

  4. What a stylish bathroom! I love ours, because no one else uses it, we have a double shower with just one shower head (tight asses) and we have ample bench space for our own baskets! I do love the toilet paper holder, just classic! Em x

    1. I'd love a double shower....and a double basin :)

  5. YOUR bathroom looks like so much fun. My hubby has just done ours very simple and plain.
    Thanks for linking up.