Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sports Sunday - Kids sport

Image taken by Mrs RAH

Today I was meant to be watching my beautiful god daughter, Miss H play soccer. I was so excited. I had chosen to wear an outfit to match the colours of her team, white, blue and yellow - yep, I am one of those.

Miss H is nicknamed the Axe on the soccer field. She is THAT good! After purchasing her new boots, pictured above, she went on to score her first goal. Red makes you go faster, didn't you know. She is also the only ten year old on the PSSA Senior Girls Soccer team.

Clearly, she is an awesome player. No, I am not bias at all.

Unfortunately, my kids had other plans. My Little Miss 4 is sick; snot, cough and fever. The triple threat. So we are staying home in an attempt to contain the germs and get her better.

Hopefully I will get to one of her games soon and be able to blog all about it, so watch this space.

Are you watching kids sport this weekend?

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