Monday, June 10, 2013

Celebrating my sis-in-law!

I have a brother. I am lucky to have him - most of the time. As far as siblings go, it is just the two of us.

I have this chick in my life. She is his wife. She is my sister-in-law. I am lucky to have her - all the time.

She is tall and beautiful. She is funny and caring. She is the best cook/chef/baker ever! She puts up with my brother on a regular basis - how could I not love her.

They have been married for ten years, together for 19. They were high school sweet hearts...awww. Not only has she been in his life for 19 years, she has been in mine.

We have laughed, cried, joked and been serious together.

Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with lunch at her parents place.

I love going to her parents place, it is in the leafy suburbs of Sydney. Their backyard reminds me of a beautiful  English garden, where I could sit and enjoy the tranquil peace and quiet. It also brings back so many memories and reminds me of her sense of humour.

My awesome sis-in-law
Garden shot
From Eumundi markets in QLD
Garden shot
Hubby and Little Miss 4 in the garden
The cheeky kookaburra that wanted food
Happy Birthday Punk! and to many more together.

Did you celebrate someone's birthday this weekend? or do you have an awesome in-law?


  1. I'm very happy you have a someone who is like a sister to you! I have two sisters and ADORE them, they are my besties. I feel sad my girl has two brothers, but I'm hoping one might turn out gay - ha ha :) Em

    1. HAHA Em, you are too funny. My little gal only has a brother too. Hopefully he marries someone fabulous - or is gay ;)