Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Cheerleader

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In this day and age there always seems to be something to worry about. Kids, mortgages, job security, relationships, money, the list goes on and on.

This is why most families have that one person that is the shining light on the horizon.

The one that guides the ships  others through the rough oceans  patches.

The optimist.

The glass is half full kind of person.

AKA The Cheerleader.

The one the buoys up the rest of the family with their positive outlook and spunk. Their words of wisdom, that may or may not rhyme, help reassure that everything will be okay.

There tends to be a head Cheerleader, however, the role changes from person to person at varying times.

No-one can be the head Cheerleader the whole time, could they? Definitely not in this house. Even the head Cheerleader has some days that aren't that cheery.

If you're fortunate enough, you will also have your own cheer squad. Those people that cheer you through the hard times and the high times.

I am lucky that I have several Cheerleaders. I hope that in turn they know that I am theirs.

That I will always be there to cheer them on, to lift them up and to hoist them to the top of the pyramid.

Are you a Cheerleader?


  1. In our family I think we all carry the 'cheerleader' title, but no, never all at the same time. But I'm glad we tend to be a 'glass half full' type of family

    1. Hey Jodi, It is nice isn't it. To have the 'glass half full' mentality. I hope my kids keep it as their lives progress.