Monday, March 25, 2013

My point of view match review - Souths vs Penrith

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Souths were back on free-to-air TV this week! Woot-Woot! So my little bunny supporter, Little Miss 4 and I settled in to watch the game together.

(Little Mr 0 was with us for part of the game too, but Hubby has claimed him as an Eels supporter, so he really didn't care or that could have been the fact he is only 10 weeks old.)

It was a stinking hot day out at Penrith. The on-field temp was a suggested 33-34 degrees! However, some genius decided not to take the offered drink breaks - not sure about that one?? I have since read that Michael Crocker said with all the tries scored during the game the drinks breaks weren't needed anyway.

Sam Burgess was back and Michael Crocker was on the field from the kick-off donning the number 17 jersey - we had to start with a bang, right?

Well, Souths did not disappoint. Dylan kicked off and it was on. Souths got a 20m restart from a take in goal and all of a sudden Sutton was under the post in the fourth minute. Reynolds converted making in six-nil!

In the seventh minute Crocker, Sutton, and Sam Burgess all touched the ball and Merritt was over for another four pointer. Reynolds converted and Souths were up by 12 after eight minutes!

Souths faulted and handed Penrith a scrum with the loose head and feed. Penrith capitalised and scored under the black dot. The try was converted.

Souths restarted and instantly Penrith seemed to streak away for another try, which they converted. 12 all - HOLY SHIT!

Thankfully Penrith played some shabby football on their line, a scrum packed and Everingham was over!  Nerves did set in while the referee went upstairs to check the grounding but the try was awarded. THANK GOODNESS! Reynolds converted - of course he did! He is a total genius with the boot this year and if he doesn't make Origin half-back clearly there is something amiss.

Some sets to them and some to us followed.

In the 28th minute, Goodwin crossed for another Souths try and Reynolds converted.

There was no time for even a toilet break - Inglis broke through in the 30th minute, handed off to Merritt and he scored! Sadly Reynolds missed from the side-line - he can't be expected to do everything though.

Three minutes later and it was Penrith's turn again, they kicked, Farrell seemed to be fumbling, the ball was stripped and they were over near the side-line. Walsh converted.

Not to be outdone before half-time though, Inglis crossed the line again, Reynolds converted and we were heading to the break leading 34-16.

The second half started and all the players were probably wishing they were hitting the beach instead of taking the field again in the oppressive heat! But they were all off and running...

Penrith were first to get on the board in the second half after getting a repeat set on Souths goal line. Walsh missed this one though.

I am really not too sure what happened next, Farrell kicked off to restart and the ball drifted over the dead ball line - oopps! Thankfully Penrith didn't capitalise this time and gave away an obstruction penalty.

It didn't take them long though, Penrith were next to score again in the 65th minute. Walsh converted and I was having heart palpitations as the score sat at 34-32 in favour of Souths. Could we lose it from here? Would our outstanding first half be wasted? Only time would tell and we had 15 minutes left to find out.

Thankfully, I could breathe again in the 76th minute - are you kidding boys, the stress was almost unbearable - when Te'o crossed for his first try, Reynolds converted and Souths were ahead 40-32.

Clearly Merritt wasn't finished and crossed in the 79th minute for his third try of the day.

Souths wrapped it up 44-32, making it three from three! Breathing a huge sigh of relief I headed for my much needed toilet break.

Okay, so I am getting a little excited that this could be the premiership year I have been waiting my whole life for - but I need to stay calm, it is only round three after all.

How is your team going this year?

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