Friday, March 8, 2013

Karl, Tom and SBW...

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What a start to the NRL football season on Channel Nine last night!

First, what was Karl Stefanovic doing involved with the NRL broadcast? I kept expecting to hear Lisa, Georgie, Ben and Dickie!

Is he set to replace Sterlo if he permanently moves to Foxtel?

Second, what is Tom Waterhouse doing with a Channel Nine mic rambling to us about odds? Isn't the advertising of betting off limits during sporting events this year? Clearly I missed the memo. No wonder players and fans alike have gambling issues when it is shoved down their throat.

Third, why all the hype around SBW (aka Sonny Bill Williams)? and why is everyone referring to him as SBW? Channel Nine made it seem last night that he was their new God - perhaps ask a Bulldog fan what they think of him and I don't think any of them will say "God". How many times can you interview the one person on the one channel about the one thing? Enough already, we get that he is back and playing for Roosters, blah, blah!

One more thing, what is with the Sonny Bill voiceovers during the game? SERIOUSLY! At first I thought it was a mistake, some poor soul having pushed the wrong button - nope, it was intentional. Where was Sam Burgess' voiceover? or perhaps Greg Inglis or even Russell Crowe?

This morning I looked at the SMH to read the match reports - being a Souths supporter I was very much looking forward to this....only to be confronted with the top article titled "A disappointing debut in defeat, but SBW knows it's onwards and upwards from here".

Give me a break! "SBW" didn't lose, Souths won!!!

Nuff said.

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