Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The race that stops the nation..

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I have zero idea about horses and horse racing!

I do, however, love a day at the races, getting dressed up, drinking champers all day, possibly winning $2. It is all a great buzz.

Sadly, I am not at the races today. I am at work. Probably a good thing in 30 degree heat to be in the air conditioning. Also probably not the best idea for a pregnant lady to be drinking champers all day.

The guys at work are all a buzz with the big race, not much work is actually getting done. I asked them how they knew who to bet on, they said if they knew who to bet on they would put their life savings on that horse - smart arses!

I had to rephrase, "Why did you bet on that horse?".

They replied with:
"Because the jockeys look like they have super hero outfits on"
"I liked the name"
"I get tips from other people and then make a bet"
"It has had a few wins and has a good jockey"

I bet based on colour or name, so this year I like the looks of...
  • VOILA ICI - based on the red silks (all the other silks were a little uninspiring this year I thought)
  • MALUCKYDAY - if only it was My Lucky Day - I have a ticket in the OZLotto tonight.
  • MY QUEST FOR PEACE - who isn't on a quest for peace!
  • LIGHTS OF HEAVEN - I do like to think there is a heaven and the lights shine down on the rest of us.
Note: I probably shouldn't call it betting because I won't actually put any money on the race today but I do like to get somewhat involved in the chatter about it.

Another note: As in previous years I will probably miss the actual coverage of the race and not mind one bit.

I have to admit to being more fascinated with the fabulous fashions and fascinators from the races, so more than likely will pay more attention to the Fashions on the Field.

Happy Melbourne Cup day!

What are you doing for the race? How do you choose the horse to bet on? Or is it all about the Fashions on the Field for you?

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