Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Frivolity - out to lunch!

Friday has come around again....and oh so quickly.

Work is frantically busy and stressful for everyone at the moment but today was one of our bi-annual team lunches.

We all look forward to these lunches. It is our chance to relax, have some good food, good drink and try not to talk about work - sometimes easier said than done. There were 26 of us - three ladies and 23 men, I work in IT Development so have always been outnumbered by the blokes.

Today we went to the Treehouse.

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The good food included Ploughman's Plate, Confit Duck Leg, Tasmanian Grass-Fed Eye Fillet, Tasmanian King Salmon, Steak Sandwich and Pork Cutlet.

The guys raved about the Confit Duck Leg and the Eye Fillet. I had the Steak Sandwich, a chargrilled sirloin on turkish with caramelised onion, aioli, tomato & rocket served with tomato relish & a side of chips - it was delicious!

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Dessert was a sensory explosion, soft centred choc pudding served warm with raspberries & vanilla bean ice-cream and Honey & goats curd with rhubarb & double cream.

I would have had the "choc pud" (as the guys called it) if not for my gestational diabetes. It looked absolutely mouth-watering. After the baby is born I am contemplating heading back there to have my "choc pud" serve.

The good drink consisted of pinot gris, chardonnay, merlot, pipsqueak cider and whatever beer was of appeal today. (For me it consisted of water and a soda, lime & bitters.)

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The Treehouse is very groovy and styled very eclectically - one of the reasons I like it so much. There are posters of Elvis and various other 70's inspired arts adorning the walls. The different mix of chandeliers that hang from the roof are amazing and I would love some of them in my house. Various styled furniture adds to the ambience. All-in-all it is a relaxed atmosphere.

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Everyone enjoyed themselves and most importantly seemed to relax. Oh and also got an early mark on a for now we are some-what relaxed....until Monday comes around and we are back to the frantic pace of work in the office.

How was your Friday?


  1. Yours was much better than mine! I endured a 90 min flight from Syd to Melb with an ear piercing screaming child (no one's fault, just an unpleasant experience) and then drove halfway back to NSW navigating country roads and a car accident (thankfully not involving us). Hopefully the weekend will improve from here!