Saturday, October 20, 2012

What ails the pregnant lady...Take 3

Temperature in Sydney reached over 30 degrees today. My ailment is the HEAT!!

Well, the cause is the heat.

My ailments are fingers that look like sausages, cankles and zero engery levels.

I am even wondering which is worse, my pelvic issues or being pregnant in the heat? Other Mums have been asking to me "You must be hating this heat?" and up until today I wasn't. I was fine - maybe due to my air conditioned office and my air conditioned car.

Today is a completely different story - so to all those asking, "Yes I am hating this heat".

If you are feeling the heat, you can try some of these tips....
  • Buy a spray bottle and fill it with water. Spray your face regularly.
  • Put a gel eye mask in the fridge or freezer and put it on whenever you need it.
  • Run your wrists under a cold tap to cool your pulse points.
  • Use a cool wet cloth on your forehead and the back of your neck.
What are your tips for surviving the heat?

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