Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What ails the pregnant lady...Take 2

Two words...Exhausted and Hungry! (OK, three words)

I could happily lie in bed and eat the quilt! I do remember being this tired with Little Miss 4, but not being this hungry.
What ails the pregnant lady...Take 2

After receiving my weekly update, as I tick over to 25 weeks pregnant, I was actually relieved to only be exhausted and hungry as it stated that hemorrhoids, varicose veins and constipation are possible aliments.

Once again off to google I went and....

Some of the recommended solutions for "exhausted" are:
  • Go to bed early and make sure you are getting enough sleep during the night. (Difficult, especially if this isn't your first pregnancy so maybe it is "Daddy Duty" at night for a while!)
  • Make sure you eat right - eating a healthy balanced diet is a great way to feeling great. Check with your GP or obstetrician for their ideas on a great pregnancy diet.
  • Keep hydrated - make sure you drink plenty of fluids (preferably water) to stay hydrated throughout your pregnancy.
  • Hang in there! (which I take to mean...soon you will have a newborn and exhausted will feel like a holiday!)
Some of the recommended solutions for "hungry" are:
  • Make sure your meals, snacks, and drinks are nutritious rather than merely filling.
  • Choose foods that fill you up, but don’t fill you out too much.
  • Indulge yourself with a favorite food every once in a while. (I take once in a while to mean everyday and as such have been having a Twix bar a day.)
  • Watch your weight, and remember this simple formula: If you’re gaining too much, too fast, you’re eating too many calories. If you’re gaining too little, too slowly, you’re eating too few. 
What are your recommendations for exhausted and hungry?

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