Friday, October 5, 2012

To find out or to not find that the question?

The first thing people ask when you are pregnant is, "Do you know what you are having?". I am one of these people.

We don't know and we didn't find out with Little Miss 4 either.

Even Little Miss 4 gets quizzed, "Do you know what Mummy is having?" to which she replies, "No, we have to wait until after Christmas to find out!". I was talking to one of her carers at  daycare yesterday and she mentioned how Little Miss 4 now answers this question with some vehemence, I presume because she is asked so often by the other kids and parents. 

I am certainly not opposed to finding out the sex of an unborn child, Hubby and I just never really spoke about finding out. After the long process to conceive Bubs#2, which ended with IVF,  I think we were just too exhausted and relieved that FINALLY we were pregnant to talk about anything!

There are certainly pros for finding out; buying clothes, painting rooms, and preparing siblings. And also pros for not finding out; the surprise and elation at the end a presumably long arduous labour.

I have some friends who have found out at 20 weeks and some who haven't for their own personal varying reasons. And I have been happy for all of them.

Would you find out the sex, and why?

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