Thursday, October 11, 2012

Laugh out louds...

Little Miss 4 can be the source of great amusement, she often has me laughing out loud!

And sometimes as a parent (OK, all the time) you really need a laugh out loud.

 Her latest line is "I told ya", even when she hasn't told me anything at all. The other day I was looking for my shoes and found them in the bathroom, Little Miss 4 pipes up with "I told ya" to which I asked "You told me what?" and she replies "That your shoes were in the bathroom". I couldn't help but laugh out loud, as she hadn't told me anything of the sort. I don't even think she knew I was looking for my shoes.

Another "I told ya" was about the weather. Hubby cycles to work and left the other day commenting that it was cold outside. Little Miss 4 says to me "I told ya" and once again I asked "You told me what?" and she replies "That it was cold outside today". And again I was laughing as we had not talked about the weather at all.

One laugh out loud that got Hubby last night was a story from daycare.

One of Little Miss 4's carers told me how they had watched "Them Bones" (which basically goes "Them Bones, Them Bones are goin' walk around....and this bone is connected to that and so on) and the short video spoke of small children being susceptible to breaking their shoulders as they put their little arms out to stop themselves falling.

Later in the day when they were playing outside Little Miss 4 says to the carer "I broke my shoulder", the carer checked it out and said "I think it is fine" to which Little Miss 4 said "Only joking!". The carer then went on to explain that maybe that wasn't the funniest joke....even though Hubby thought it quiet funny.

What laugh-out-loud moments do you have with your kids?

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