Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fairy bread and bubbles...

Little Miss 4 attended her friends 5th birthday party today and I was reminded yet again how fun birthday parties are when there are games and fairy bread! (Not as much fun for the parents of the birthday child who are trying to organise games, food, cake and party bags.)

There were squeals of delight when it was time for pass-the-parcel and more squeals when the treasures were un-wrapped. Everyone had a turn at the pinata and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the concept of hitting something with a big stick and not getting in trouble. Chasing bubbles around the backyard, attempting to be the first to pop them had them in fits of giggles.

Then there was the party food...fairy bread, fruit, home-made pizza and sausage rolls - all delicious and ravenously eaten. The other parents and I reminisced about fairy bread and how some even had it for school lunches (completely taboo these days I am sure) and so I made the decision to make it for my lunch one day this week :)

And of course the birthday cake, which left all the kids with eyes as big as saucers - it was a gelato/ice-cream cake and was amazing, plates were licked clean by all.

When we left, the parents of the birthday kids (twins) looked harried and exhausted from all the organising and co-ordinating and all the kids were buzzing to get home and start on their lolly bags.

Maybe for my next birthday I will have fairy bread and bubbles. 

What is your favourite birthday party memory?

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