Sunday, February 19, 2017

The week that was...SIX and SEVEN

How did I miss a whole week?

I whizzed through and barely touched the sides! I would love to ask the question - "Where has the time gone?" but I feel I already know the answer.

It has been sucked into the vortex that is my highly stressful, soul sucking job - at least that is what it is like at the moment. It hasn't always been like that and here is hoping (with all my might) that it doesn't stay like that! I mean it can't, can it?

I was lulled into a false sense of security a couple of weeks back....there was a rainbow overhead, which meant less stress on me. And... then the clouds rolled in again, shut out the light, the rainbow faded to nothing and here we are again.

At the moment it is consuming me. And yes, yes I know that is my own decision to let it consume me. I could just leave it all at the door when I leave - trust me I have tried. But my damn conscience and high work ethic just won't let me do it.

So the past two weeks have seen me utter depleted by work and feeling like the worst wife, mother, friend that there is in whole wide world....hence the dark clouds of depression have rolled in and sheer exhaustion ensued.

But I can't say it has been all doom and gloom....I did take a day off to go to our little misses first swimming lesson and while she didn't swim in ANY races, it was a delight to be sitting with her in the sun for a day.

The weekly neighbour dinners now involve another family in the street, which is awesome, so Monday nights are always great - and I only have to cook every third Monday now :)

My list of ten

My steps have been minimal - to say the least. And as for Michelle Bridges, well I haven't even seen her and I am two weeks in! OMG! Really need to get my tail in gear. 

Always loving my meditation and mindfulness. 

I am still seeing my Chiropractor on a weekly basis - a good thing too, because with all the stress has come an extremely sore and seized up neck.

How are you going?
Being kind to yourself?


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