Sunday, February 5, 2017

The week that was...FIVE

What a week in Castle Stone!

Our little lady headed back to school this week as a Year 3 kid with the biggest smile on her face. This is a massive breakthrough for our little lady as the start of every other school year has been met with massive trepidation and anxiety. To say it was a super proud mumma would be an understatement.

She also headed back to her mini swimming squad sessions - I was freaking out and so was our little lady. Her first exposure to mini squads was a total disaster and led to screaming sessions and her little arms wrapped so tightly around me with utter refusal to get in the pool at all.

Queue a teacher and pool change  last term and we were making progress - she was actually in the pool even though she wasn't participating in the lesson.

Fast forward to this week and she was met with a new teacher (the teacher that made the progress last term isn't teaching anymore) and instant anxiety, she clung to me and said "I don't want to do it".

The teacher (who I am now totally in love with) said to her, "let's just give it 5 minutes, if you are stressed after that you can get out". She climbed in to the water and that was that....she swam the whole lesson and was amazing. She emerged from the water smiling and so proud of herself. Another totally proud mumma moment, this time I could even possibly have a tear.

This week also saw us at a new music school (the previous one has closed down) and therefore a new environment and new teacher, our little lady was a bit anxious about this as new places, situations and people are what make her most anxious. However, her teacher was beyond lovely and our little man and I got to sit in on her first lesson and she is actually really good. The teacher was very impressed as was I. And yet another proud mumma moment.

Our little man also headed back to swimming lessons. My parentals take him on a Friday. Reports were not good - he didn't want to get in the water. Once in the water he did not want to participate and was not giving the teacher anything at all. Apparently he wouldn't even look at her. Queue my anxiety and that of my parentals and discussions on how we can get him to engage in his swimming lessons.

After all that I am totally exhausted! And still trying to get my head around being back in to the routine of drop-offs, pick-ups, after school activities, dinners, lunches etc etc.

My list of ten

My steps were a bit up on last week but nothing to scream from the rooftops about. Michelle Bridges 12wbt kicks off next week for me - so I will definitely be moving! My goal is to increase my fitness enough to play summer soccer with a friend. 

Still loving my meditation and mindfulness. 

I headed back to my naturopath this week after five months. She is such a lovely, caring soul. I am back on Vitamin B's, Probiotics and a tonic in an attempt for more energy and better gut health. 

I definitely feel like I am going with the flow a lot more - the anger levels seem to be a lot lower than recent times. 

How was your week?
Got kids back at school? How do you cope with the routine?

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