Sunday, January 8, 2017

{Life} The week that was...One

The week started with a BANG!

Well isn't that what you are supposed to say on the first day of a new year?

In my case, I wouldn't say BANG....I'd say exhausted. Tired, cranky kids are exhausting. The nagging, whinging and tantrums really wear you down. Late nights and sugar highs have so much to answer for! Also Hubby and I have been consumed with project "House Cleanup" in the week between Christmas and New Year, so the kids have been BORED.

But the whole week wasn't a complete tantrum write off - there were glimpses of smiles, peace and harmony.

We did we do?

We headed to the cinema to see Moana - gorgeous little flick. That Moana has some spunk. And Maui is voiced by Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), BIG fan....nuff said.

Summer down under in Australia wouldn't be complete without a trip to the cricket, so I hit the SCG with Hubby, Brother B, Dad and Sir A. Normally a day at the cricket is accompanied with heat exhaustion and severe sun burn but not this year, it was actually freezing and my lips turned blue....but I did see Renshaw get his first century - good on him.

Not to be put off by a little rain, we went to the Zoo and got totally and utterly wet. But there were smiles aplenty at the Chimpanzee enclosure as they raced around and made aggressive noises at one another (apparently introducing new chimps can be a long process). The kids favourites were basically all the animals we actually saw - my favourite, the Meerkats, were put off by the rain and stayed nice and dry in their burrow.


Friends popped in here and there to swim, BBQ, check out the new digs and just be together.

The weekend saw us having a family celebration for a certain someone who is turning four! But there is a whole other blog post for that.

My list of ten

Off to a cracking start on my "list of ten". I walked 44971 steps and am set to improve that next week. I also blogged this week - WINNING.

Meditation and deep breathes really tried to help me go with the flow but also highlighted the fact that I have a long looong way to go.

Kindness is becoming a prominent word in my vocab. I have started seeing Mark, the Chiropractor who said I have a dodgy posture, followed by "but you knew that, didn't you?". Yep I did. But we are on a schedule to change all that and get rid of this neck and back pain.

As seen above, we had fun getting out and about and also staying in.

Study has become my new middle name as I actually read some chapters in my PMI Project Management book.

How was your week?

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