Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A very Turtle Birthday

So very hard to believe that my little man is ticking over 4 years old. Huh? How did this happen? What is going on? He is my baby, isn't he?

Apparently not anymore. Now he is my big boy.

(But to me he will always be my baby and there isn't much anyone can do about that)

This kid, seriously, he melts my heart. His big blue/green eyes with their dark black long lashes would be enough to melt any ones heart. He can be the sweetest of the sweet and turn on a five cent coin and scream in your face like a banshee when it's full moon. Typical kid. He loves his sister, Dad and I so fiercely and we love him back just as fierce.

This year we just celebrated with a family lunch. His request for lunch - pizza. His request for a cake, chocolate of course and made to look like Raphael, the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle, not the Italian painter.

The pizza bases were made from scratch by yours truly. The "normal" (is there really such a thing) pizza base was from "The Basic Cook Book" for my Thermie and the gluten-free pizza base was from Quirky Cooking, also for my Thermie.

The chocolate cake was from the lovely Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim and once again for my Thermie. The cake decoration was by me - and let's just say thank god these turtles are mutant.

While I sweated away in the kitchen all day decorating the Rapha cake (still the Ninja Turtle, not the tennis player - much to my Mum's disappointment), making various pizza bases and concocting glamorous toppings, my little man was having a great time - which is always the main thing.

Got any birthdays in your house this week?


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