Saturday, January 7, 2017

Holiday Handyman (or woman!)

What is with the holidays that scream "YOU MUST BE HANDY!"?

Any extended period of time spent at home and the handyman pull is strong. It nags and nags until the guilt is unbearable. Until you are dragging your sorry arse out of bed or off the couch, applying expired sunscreen and searching for the hat you haven't worn since last holidays.

You are pulled to the backyard to hack at hedges, pull at weeds, push a lawnmower up hill, nail some panels, paint some pylons, re-oil the deck...etc, etc.

Sometimes it pulls you to the houses insides to hang pictures, paint doors, re-organise kids spaces to make more room for all the extra "stuff" they have accumulated because it is holidays.

I could go on...and on...and on. But I am sure you get the idea as I am sure this has happened to each and everyone one of you in the past.

Hubby and I have been afflicted these holidays - the fallout is that the house looks amazing. On the flip side, the kids weren't particularly happy about the situation - their screams were more like, "I AM BORED. HOW MUCH LONGER? ARE YOU FINISHED YET? I AM BORED".

But rest assured, it is all done and dusted now, no more screaming from the holidays or the kids - well not about the handyman affliction anyway....until next year that is.

Have you been a Holiday Handyman (or woman) these holidays?


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