Sunday, January 15, 2017

{Life} The week that was...TWO

Back to work this week...boohoo!

I was hoping that when I returned it would all be "strawberry champagne all night" (thanks Bruno Mars for getting this song stuck in my head - check it out here, WASN'T.

There is still chaos, stress, too much to do, too little time, too many cooks and my work BFF isn't back until next week, so I have no-one to complain to about it - totes boo.

Monday night we slipped back into the rhythm of "Monday Night Dinner" with our awesome neighbours. It was at our place so I whipped up an easy peasy Thermie dinner. Easy for me to make that is, not so easy for Hubby to clean up as it uses every piece of Thermie apparatus.

Our littlest peep ticked over another year and is now four. Seriously I blinked and he is four. Gorgeous kid and he will always be my little man, no matter how old he gets.

The temp this week has been HOT, HOT, HOT - thank goodness for the pool and the kids loving the sprinkler under the trampoline. It wouldn't be summer in Australia though if the temperature wasn't topping out at over 40 degrees and we haven't even hit February yet, so hold onto your hats, t-shirts and sunblock for that.

We took the kids to their first Big Bash cricket game. Little Miss now tells me that she wants her team sport to be cricket and our little man is walking around with a cricket bat constantly.
It was the Sixers vs the Thunder, so a local derby. The women had a great game, they were drawn at the end of both innings and had to play a Super Over. The men weren't as exciting - the Sixers only scored 99.

My list of ten

Stumbled slightly with my walking this week (figuratively, not literally) and only got 34117 steps. Need 
to re-calibrate for next week.

Meditation and deep breathes have been really trying again to keep me grounded - it has been hard with work this week.

Still being kind to myself - headed back to the Chiropractor and he is already impressed with my posture progress. Heading back again next week and also booked in for an infrared sauna.

And this is my second week in a row blogging!

How was your week?

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