Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Do you believe in fate?

What would have happened if you took the other path? or missed that train (think Gwyn P in Sliding Doors)?

My mind has been running lately. A little more than usual. I am not sure why, perhaps it is the sleepless nights. Too much time to think and ponder.

I have been thinking curious things, like, what if I didn't take the job that lead me to meet Hubby?

Would we have still meet in some other way? at a party? at the pub? speed dating?

Was it fate that we meet? Were we destined to be together? Are we part of some grand plan?

I certainly wouldn't call myself superstitious. Ladders, mirrors, black cats and Friday 13th have never plagued me at all.

But I do believe in fate. That things happen for reason.

I found the following quotes on the interwebs and they really reasonated....

Do you believe in fate?

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