Friday, May 9, 2014

Out of all the ice cream in the world, the best is…

"You'll never forget your first magnum" was the catchphrase of Magnum when it was introduced back in the early-mid nineties...or something along those lines anyway.

They were right. I have never forgotten my first Magnum. It was only CLASSIC back then. There was no need to stand in front of the freezer section at the shop for an age deciding which flavour would most suit you that day. It was simply CLASSIC.

I was 15. My BFF at the time had just moved to QLD with her mum, after her parents divorced. She was visiting her dad for the school holidays. He lived in Balmoral. We went to the local corner shop (I love a corner shop) and got ice-creams, CLASSIC Magnums. We sat on a park bench opposite the beach and ate them. I was in heaven. It was the tastiest ice-cream I have ever eaten.

It has been my favourite every since. That CLASSIC Belgium chocolate lovingly encasing the smooth creamy vanilla ice-cream...mmmmm. Nothing beats it.

What is your favourite ice-cream?


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