Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am inspired by...

Admittedly, I am inspired by simply oodles of people.

People in my life. People in the public spotlight. Doctors. Nurses. Scientists. The list could go on. It seems that I am constantly inspired by what people do and achieve.

However, one of my main inspirations is my mum.

As I get older and more stories are told of her past I realise she had a shitty childhood. Her own mother was a selfish runaway flake. Her father a non-communicative spineless man. She married young and left all of that behind. She was determined to not let the first 18 years of her life, mould the rest of it.

The road forked for my mum when she became a parent, she could have followed in the footsteps of her own parents, the only ones she had ever known, or she could take her road less travelled.

Thankfully for my brother and I, she took her road less travelled and has been the most selfless, strong, committed woman for us. It can't have been easy. She was young with no support from her parents but she worked hard, and continues to do so.

It is probably only now that I am older and have children of my own that I feel the full inspiration of my mum and all she does for our family.

She inspires me to be the best mum and person that I can be for own kids, as she was the best mum to my brother and I that she could be.

The other day she said to me, "I will support you no matter what and always do my best for you". That is what parenting is all about, isn't it, un-conditional love and support.

Thanks mum. I love you.

Who are you inspired by?

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