Saturday, May 10, 2014

My first car

Ah, my first car. The memories it holds.

My brother and I had the great annoyance pleasure of sharing our first car. We got it for our 17th birthday from our parents, bless them. It was the yellow Gemmi.

My parents probably thought it best to buy the yellow Gemmi in an attempt to keep us from speeding around town in anything else. Didn't quite work though, my brother got two speeding tickets in it.

We also had the occasional bingle, most notably was spinning out in the Chase National Park and hitting the guard rail. I was not driving at the time. Thankfully no-one was hurt.

Another notably memory was the time my brother tried to change the fan belt himself, with zero knowledge of what he was doing. I was next to drive it. I reached the next suburb and the yellow Gemmi was taking me no further. Dad was called. He popped the bonnet and the fan belt was shredded all over the engine. Seems it had been put on too tightly.

Thanks Brother B! You are awesome.

The yellow Gemmi got us to and from school for our final year. It got me to and from work for a few months into my first job. Then it seemed it would take us no further. We traded it in and split the money. That was that. The yellow Gemmi was no more. Gone as quickly as it came.

What was your first car?


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