Sunday, May 11, 2014

Skills! The one that I want!

After much deliberation about today's Blog Everyday in May prompt, The one skill I have always wished I had, I think I have settled on creativity. There were just so many to choose from....seems I am lacking in the skills department.

You see, I have this sister-in-law who is totally amazeballs at everything in the realm of creativity.

She can cook, bake and make in the kitchen like no-one else.

Birthday cakes are the highlight of all kids parties, especially the Cat in the Hat 3D hat she made for little misses 3rd birthday.

Fantastic pieces of jewellery are made in a matter of minutes. She made pieces for her wedding and mine - which I still have and LOVE.

Gifts come with hand made cards and wrapping paper.

Little faces are painted at parties and guests think she has been hired.

There are too many artistic talents to mention, but she creates gorgeous lead lighting pieces and etching art work. She did do 3 unit Art in High School though.

I would love some of this creative skill, a little bit of flair with the creative juices. But, I guess having her in my life, I may not actually need it.

What is a skill you have always wished you had??


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