Sunday, May 18, 2014

$1 million to charity

Today's prompt for #CHBloginMay is You have a million dollars to give to one charity, which one do you choose?

There are so many worthwhile charities that I would love to give a million dollars. To pick just one is so incredibly hard.

The charities that tend to be closest to my heart though are the ones that deal with things that have personally touched me.

Is this the same with everyone?

Two of my adorable aunts lost their battles with breast cancer. I would love to donate my million dollars to breast cancer research. It would be wonderful to have a cure and see no more people suffer from this awful disease.

My dad was born with a cleft lip and palate. He faced many surgeries, difficulty eating, speaking and breathing, not to mention the bullying. I would love to help other children who are in a similar position and donate my million dollars to The Smile Train.

My brother has Type 1 Diabetes. I would give my pancreas to help him, if that were possible - it is not. Currently they are looking at stem cell research to provide a cure. I hope it works! I don't want to see my brother suffering from the effects that diabetes has (and will have) on him.

Therefore, I think for purely selfish reasons, I would give my million dollars to Diabetes Australia. It could be the difference in finding a cure.

Now I just need to get a million dollars.

What charity would you give your million dollars to?


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