Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Am I ready?

In one more sleep our little miss starts school.

She seems excited.

However, she did wake up at 4.30am the other day worried about not having a pen and notebook for class. I tried to explain that Kindy kids didn't need a pen and notebook. She said she better pack them in her bag though, just in case. She now has a notebook and pen waiting in her school bag for tomorrow.

And last night she did say she was a bit nervous because she didn't know what to expect at school because she hadn't been there before. I tried to tell her as much as I knew, that we would rock up to school just before 9am and wait near the canteen to be told her teacher and location of the classroom.

This morning she woke up and declared with a massive smile, "Today is my last day of daycare!"

Is she ready for school? Absolutely. She is a fountain of questions about this, that and the other! She is definitely ready to start learning and soaking up all the information she can.

Am I ready? Absolutely NOT.

I have been anxious about her starting school for a while. I thought it was mainly because I worried about her making friends, fitting in and being bullied. These are all my issues, as I was bullied and excluded during school and it sucked. And the last thing I want for my little miss is for the same to happen.

But this week my thoughts have been on my little girl growing up and this being the first step in her independent life. It feels like I am holding my little dove in my hands, as I have for the last five and a half years, and tomorrow I will let her go and she will fly into this wide new world.

Writing this post brings tears to my eyes and crazy neurotic butterflies to my stomach as I think about it. My head plays different scenarios over and over again of her first day and even first years at school. What will they be like? What will she learn? Will she still want to snuggle and chat with me about this and that? Is this really the first step to her becoming a grown up girl? Will she like it? What if she doesn't?

As you can see I am a massive over-thinker!

I sit here attempting to listen to music to ease my heightened anxiety and Kylie Minogue's concert version of "Over the Rainbow" plays. I cry, thinking of my little angel starting this new journey of her's over the rainbow, where skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

Are you sending a little one off to school this year?
What are your thoughts?
Do you love this version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow?
Do you love Kylie Minogue?

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