Sunday, November 3, 2013

To be continued...

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It seems matters of the heart (both literal and metaphorical) take a long time to resolve.

Last Friday Hubby and I ventured to his get the results of his cardiac MRI.

We sat in the waiting room with about five eighty year olds - it is rare to see a 36 year old man in a cardiologist waiting room - until being ushered into her office.

She immediately hooked him up for another ECG, which still showed the inverted T wave. Surprise, surprise.

The results of the MRI were good. The structure of his heart, of what they could see (they don't like to tell you 100% that you are okay...just in case), was all okay. No blockages or any foreign bodies floating where they shouldn't be.....relief.

However, the inverted T wave on his ECG is still cause for concern. WTF!

Apparently this pesky little inverted T wave means that something could be amiss with the electrics of his heart.

Next stop for us is the cardiologist that specialises in heart electrics. He will do more tests on Hubby's heart to find out if, worse case scenario, he needs a defibrillator inserted in his chest cavity to shock his heart back into "normal" should it go awry. Holy shitballs Batman!

I thought getting good results for the cardiac MRI would lift the anxious tightening I have in my own chest. But it hasn't. The story is yet to be finished. This chapter in our lives has not yet be is to be continued.

Do you hate "to be continued"?

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