Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm a time traveller

No, really! I must be, because I am not sure where the last week has gone so I must have just jumped forward in time to right now.

I actually know exactly where it went, sadly no time travel here, yet!

Our little man was sick and one too many coughs in my face and I became sick.

I am not used to getting the flu, I have only had a handful since I was born. No, really. Migraines and dodgy backs are more my thing.

So I spent two days in bed! What the hell! I am not good at being sick, I got shit to do. There is cooking and cleaning and feeding and bathing and working.

But that was two days, BANG, gone!

One day I had to take little miss to her last school orientation. She is off to "big school" next year. I am freaking out. But that is a post for another time, when there is more time.

Another day was taken up actually working and getting paid.

Then we were into the weekend and as the weather warms up the socialising really starts to take off, which I love. This time of year is my favourite. Days were consumed with BBQs and swimming (that is our little miss jumping in the pool in the photo up there) and on the rainy day were we arts and crafting it with the best of them.

Any "spare time" I have had I have spent tweaking my webpage and new Facebook page for my business, and And reading lots and lots of new things. I have discovered I can get really lost in new things when I am on the path to learning.

And here we are over a week later. Big sigh.

How has your week been?

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