Friday, November 1, 2013

Choose your own adventure

I blogged last Sunday about just having to jump and hinted that I was starting something new.

For a long while I have procrastinated about doing more freelance writing in my spare time. I am not sure what spare time is, as I have a job (part-time) and am also a parent. I guess this is why I have procrastinated so long about it. That and the fact I have discovered it takes an incredible amount of courage to jump!

But after a few things that have happened recently, namely helping a friend with the copy on his website and loving it and then Hubby having his "episode". I thought, "Life might be too short so stop procrastinating and just give it a go because you enjoy it".

So, last night I got up the courage to actual do it. I am still extremely nervous and as I write this post I feel little butterflies dancing in my stomach. But I have done it - I have kicked off my freelance writing website and Facebook page!

At first I will concentrate on technical writing, copywriting and blog articles and hopefully expand into magazines.

Who knows if I will ever write anything for anyone expect my wonderful friend and my employer. But you know what now I won't die wondering. I have chosen my own adventure!

If you want to check out my website, it is and my Facebook page is

Have you chosen your own adventure?
What marvellous places did it take you?

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