Thursday, November 14, 2013

Now we can breathe

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On Tuesday I took Hubby to yet another doctors appointment. This one was to see his electrical cardiologist, meaning he specialises in the electrics of the heart.

After waiting an hour with a ten month old who should have been in his cot sleeping, we were called in to the tiny room to hear this doctor's verdict on Hubby's cardiac MRI.

And guess what! GOOD NEWS!!

This doctor was not afraid to say that the cardiac MRI was all good and that was a great sign.

He said that they could do more tests on the electrics of his heart, three more in fact.
  1. Hubby would be injected with a drug to try to get a reaction out of his heart and monitored for that reaction for a day in hospital.
  2. If the drug test was negative, that is there was no reaction, then he would have a loop recorder inserted just under his skin above his heart. Therefore, if he had another seizure this recorder would tape what his heart did at the time.
  3. An Intracardiac electrophysiology study (EPS), where they put wires up his arteries to his heart and test the electrical signals.
The doctor said he thought the EPS wouldn't show anything. In fact he said there was less than five percent chance of it showing something - nice one!

So after discussion about the pros and cons of each, early next year Hubby will start off doing the drug test, hopefully that is negative and he will have the loop recorder inserted.

If anything goes to hell in the meantime or the drug test produces a reaction then he has to do the EPS.

But for now we can breathe and enjoy the end-of-year festivities.

Are you breathing okay at the moment?

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