Friday, February 22, 2013

The Great Gardening Challenge

With the finalisation and huge success of The Great Landscaping Challenge, we are moving on to  The Great Gardening Challenge.

Hopefully starting soon, The Great Gardening Challenge will be the beautification of the area behind the deck  near the shed.

Currently this area is adorned with way too many agapanthus, a weighed down mandarin tree, a massive olive tree, several spindly camellia trees, weeds and of course pebbles!

The mandarin tree, olive tree and camellia trees will stay, however, will definitely be receiving some much needed tender loving care.

Similar to the landscaping challenge, the gardening challenge will be a staged approach:

  • Stage 1 - Remove of the agapanthus, weeds and pebbles.

  • Stage 2 - Cover the area with weed mat and eucy mulch and lay a paver path to the shed door.

  • Stage 3 - Introduce beautiful cymbidium orchids and a vegie/fruit garden (hopefully starting out with strawberries and cherry tomatoes).

I also recently read in a gardening magazine that gardening is very therapeutic so bring it on!

Now we just need to stop talking about it and actually do it!

What fruit/veg do you recommend for our garden?


  1. I always have huge sucess growing Chilli's and Capsicums.... I dont even really like eating them...maybe thats why they grow so well!!

    1. Hubby likes chilli so I will have to add them to the garden.