Saturday, December 15, 2012

A pamper was needed...

It has been one of those weeks - SHIT!

Pregnancy issues - check

Work chaotic - check....and due to pregnancy issues noted above Hubby doesn't want me working at all, which makes for interesting conversation. Thankfully only 4 more days to go.

Issues with the bank - check

More issues with the bank - check

Sleepness nights and tears - check.....due to all of the above

It was time. Time for some "me" time.

Off I waddled to the hairdresser on Thursday night to get my hair cut and coloured.

I love the hairdressers. They leave you in peace and quiet to read trashy magazines and enjoy a cup of herbal tea - in its entirety before it gets cold.  They wash your hair and massage your head. Then you leave looking better than when you entered.

Here is hoping this high lasts until the new year.

What do you do for a pamper? Hair, massage, nails?


  1. Sam, I hope your week has improved. Mine has pretty much been the same. I am really hanging out for Christmas when I can just stop and kick back. I also have a hair appointment next Thursday which I can't wait for...only downside is Miss 4 has to tag along this time :(

    1. Hey Jodi,
      Sorry to hear you have been having the same sort of week. I hope you enjoy your hairdresser appt.