Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cow shit STINKS

My parents are avid gardeners. Their garden is gorgeous and always has been.

When they were handing out the green thumbs at the gene pool, I was not in the line (I killed a cactus for goodess sake - who does that?). My brother was in the line - hence him being our master landscaper in the Great Landscaping Challenge.

Anyhoo, I digress.

Growing up my parents would use cow shit on the garden - it stunk. I was embarrassed that our neighbours would know it was our house that completely reeked. However, they didn't seem to care and only sprouted on about how fabulous it was for the garden/lawn.

Now that I am a grown up and in the process of landscaping our own yard I am once again  tormenting the neighbourhood with the extremely offensive smell of cow shit. Reason being, things haven't changed much in 20 years and my family are still sprouting about how fabulous it will be for the lawn.

Apparently it will take a week for the smell to move on - it will be a long week.

The one great thing to smelling cow shit in the yard is the fact that we are laying the grass next week - Merry Christmas to me :)

Image from here

Have you benefited from cow shit in your yard?


  1. It does stink...but I think chicken shit stinks worse....but it's also excellent for the garden....the price we pay I guess

    1. I have never had the pleasure of the chicken shit. Maybe I will need to check it out when we start the gardening process.