Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Great Landscaping Challenge - Stage 4 (cont)

Stage 4 of The Great Landscaping Challenge has been completed!

The boys, Dad, Hubby and Brother B, spent yet another stinking hot Saturday working in the yard.

This Saturday consisted of more levelling of the yard, building the retaining wall near the clothes line and installing the garden edging. 

Hubby, being the "apprentice" seemed to have the toughest job of digging and digging and putting all the excess onto the ute for the trip to the tip. What a keeper!

Little Miss 4 and I accompanied Dad to Bunnings for a quick 20 minute trip - 2 hours later we were back with the supplies. Note to any pregnant ladies out there trying to get in and out of a bench seat ute - leave a little extra time because it ain't easy!

The grass has been ordered and is arriving on Saturday! All I wanted for Christmas was a lawn and I will have grass for Christmas!! Merry Christmas to me! 

Stay tuned....

What do you want for Christmas?

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