Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Great Landscaping Challenge - Stage 1

The Great Landscaping Challenge - Stage 1 Stage 1 of The Great Landscaping Challenge has been completed - thanks mainly to Hubby, Dad and Brother B...OK, thanks only to them.

Hubby and I did rebuild the retaining wall last weekend, which Brother B has called "Shonkey", I told him to come to my work and see who was better at it....did I mention he used to be a landscaper? 

During the week the Olive tree was "pruned" by 20%, as that was all the council permitted. It seems the tree pruners and the council do have differing views on 20% though......good for us! These guys were great, they came in, "pruned" the tree, and 2 hours later were out of there with the  pruned bits in tow.

This weekend after a trip (or 2) to Bunnings to pick up the concrete pavers and blue metal - the pavers were laid, using string boundaries, levelling of the ground and blue metal and measuring right angles to make sure it was level and a "true square". I mentioned to Hubby that I would hate to think what it would look like if it was just him and I doing it......probably "Shonkey". He seemed to think it would just be a shed on dirt, I agreed.

The new shed arrived, flat packed and looking a lot smaller than its assembled 2.3 x 2.3 metres. (We had to bite the bullet and buy a new shed instead of relocating the old one as it seems a 3 x 3 metre shed won't fit in a 2.5 x 2.5 metre space - go figure!)

The box stated "Easy 5 Step Assembly", we were dubious and then I read the instructions. Technically according to the instructions there were 5 steps to assemble the panels - 2 sides, a back, and the front with the door, however, each step had up to 5 steps each and Steps 2 & 3 required you to repeat them. Then once the panels were assembled, you had to piece it together to form the shed - this is really where their "Easy 5 Step Assembly" comes in as described on the last page of the instructions. I guess at a stretch you could say this process took 5 steps but was far from with 4 adults and 6 hours we have a new shed and complete exhaustion.

Have you ever built a shed in "5 easy steps"?

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