Saturday, October 13, 2012

My glamorous new favourite fashion item

Pregnancy is tough on your back & body - I bet if you have been or are pregnant that no-one needs to tell you this!

Due to my "Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction" in my current pregnancy with Bubs#2 I have purchased what I refer to as my "pregnancy girdle".

It is actually called a BodyAssist Elastic Maternity Support Belt and I searched chemists for a couple of weeks near work and home to find one, no-one had any in stock! WHAT THE!! One chemist even said I was the 4th pregnant lady to ask that week...maybe get some in stock then?

I ended up ordering it from, and after firstly being out of stock (I was beginning to think I was destined to be without it), it eventually arrived 2 weeks later.

The support it provides helps reduce stretching of ligaments, muscles & nerves. Surprisingly, it is very comfortable, supporting the lumbar and abdominal to help provide relief. The abdominal lift panel provides lift without any undesirable pressure and it is expandable as you grow with the pregnancy.

It has definitely helped with my pesky  "Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction" so I would recommend it to any pregnant lady suffering from anything similar.

It isn't the most glamorous piece in my wardrobe, but at the moment my favourite! You can't wear it under tight clothes, so thank goodness stretch pants and baggy tops are in fashion right now.

Do you have a favourite fashion item as glamorous as mine?


  1. Shapewear or as I like to call it "Suck-it-in-underwear". Comfortable....not so much. Benefits? You can go for your dress up party and not give a damn about the fact that you have NOT exercised all winter and you stomach is looking decidedly out of shape.

  2. Hey Anonymous, I hear you! I have some of those too!!