Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What are your superpowers?

I am parent, therefore have been gifted plenty of superpowers. As has every other parent.

As soon as you become a parent I am sure you have a Spiderman moment. Like Peter Parker being injected with superpowers after being bitten by a spider, having a child injects it's parents with superhuman powers.

Spiderman's powers are actually a lot like those of parents. Or perhaps that should be the other way around.

Superhuman strength

What parent hasn't carried two kids and a boot full of groceries into the house from the car, in one go?

What parent hasn't pushed a pram with one child whilst piggy-backing another and carrying a scooter?

Now that is strength. And that is not mentioning the emotional strength that you need as a parent while you navigate the murky waters of children. 

Superhuman reflexes and agility

What parent hasn't grab one leg of their child while they kamikaze off the change table, while also holding a dirty nappy?

What parent hasn't grab a drink one handed as it starts its decent to the ground, while they are stirring dinner?

What parent hasn't shown extreme agility in climbing to the top of the spider's web at the park to claim their child that has been struck down with fear and can't move?

What parent hasn't displayed awesome dance agility while busting a move with their shy child at a friend's birthday party?

Spider sense or subconscious precognitive sense of danger

What parent doesn't know the child nearing the top of the slippery dip stairs is going to tumble down instead of slide?

What parent doesn't have the subconscious sense that silence means trouble (or danger)? A child left alone in the bathroom means it will be toilet-papered within seconds. A pantry door left open ensures the floor will be floured. Textas left lying around and new artwork is sure to adorn your walls. 

Capable of healing faster 

As most parents will surely attest, when one of us is sick there is no choice but to heal fast. Kids are unaware of any parental illness. They will always look at you like you are Spiderman.

What are your superpowers?

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