Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The waiting game

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I'd like to think that since having my bundles of joy, now five and nine months old, I have grown more
patient. Patience is a virtue after all, isn't it?

Over the last seven days all that has gone out the window.

I have not been patient, it has definitely not been my virtue. I have wanted answers. We have both wanted answers, Hubby and I.

After Hubby was released from hospital on Sunday and booked in for more tests and doctor's appointments during the week, we have been playing the waiting game.

Yesterday the whole family visited his cardiologist for yet another ECG, that showed those damn inverted T waves, and not much else. Oh, except a big fat bill at the end of it.

She said that now we wait for the results of the cardiac MRI on Wednesday and a stress test on Friday to find out more about what his heart is doing, or not doing properly.

Ummm, we already knew this, didn't we? Hmmm, yep we did!

This morning we headed off to our local GP to fill them in on what has happened. Apparently this is what you have to do so the world has a record of everything. "What brings you in today?" she asked. Hubby tells the events of the "episode" (as we now call it) that happened last Thursday....again.

She gave him referrals to more doctors for more tests and therefore more waiting.

Now it is only one more sleep until his cardiac MRI. I wonder how long the wait will be until we get the results.

Sleep, that is a good one. Sleep has eluded me lately. I wake up constantly just to make sure that my love is still next to me. I used to poke him in the ribs when he snored, now it is like music to my ears. "He is okay." I think, reaching out to hold his hand, while lying there listening to the in and out of his breath and waiting, waiting, waiting.

Are you waiting for anything?
How do you make time go faster?

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