Sunday, June 23, 2013

Double, double toil and trouble

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

After months of anticipation and planning, the big day finally arrived. Our Little Miss 4 turned 5 and celebrated with her preschool friends at her Halloween party.

Her actual birthday was on Friday and we celebrated with swimming lessons and lunch at her favourite Italian restaurant.

Saturday arrived and we hit the ground running as soon as we got up! We had to prepare for the 12 four to five year olds that were going to descend on our house on this cold extremely wet day.

I started off like a crazy woman possessed trying to get all the food organised. I made Oreo Bats, a Popcorn snake monster, cupcakes and Tiny Teddy cars. We also had the staples of fairy bread, sausage rolls, fruit and cookies.

Oreo Bats
Popcorn, snake monster
Tiny Teddy cars
Once the food was done, we hung the decorations and prepared the house as best we could for the wet weather. (My maiden name ain't Murphy for nothing peeps). 

The sign that greeted our little guests
The witches and bats on the front window
The creepy balloons
The newspaper filled spider - I am sure he would have looked better on the grass outside!
Our hanging skeleton faces
Crazy ghost
The window skeleton
Our crafty table spiders
Aunty B and Uncle B arrived to help out and the face painting began.

Our itty bitty 5 year old witch
Hubby all set to scare the small children 
Me as a wtich. (A mean witch apparently!)
The kids soon started to arrive and had fun getting their faces painted, tattooed with witches & ghosts, playing pass-the-parcel, pinning the nose on the pumpkin and running around the house attacking each other with balloons. 

One of my main concerns with the wet weather was how we were going to crack open the pinata inside the house. Because I really couldn't have all the chocolate and lollies left at my place at the end of the party.

Pinata filled with goodies
The Dads put their heads together though and came up with a solution. They would tie the pinata to a broom handle with rope and one of them would hold it while the kids came at them with a big stick. Thanks Peter for being brave enough to hold it! I am so glad you weren't injured.

(Sadly I was feeding Little Mr 0 at the time and couldn't get a photo of it)

Their solution worked, the kids had a great time bashing something with a big stick inside the house and I was happy to be rid of all the chocolate and lollies!

I think every kids favourite moment at a birthday party is the cake (oh and the goody bags). This year Little Miss 5's cake was made by her Aunty B, just like every other year. And this year was no different, she did NOT disappoint. Little Miss 5 asked for a strawberry witch cake and that is exactly what she got. It was fabulous.

After two and a half hours, all the kids were hopped up on sugar and fun with their faces painted like fairies, witches, vampires, skeletons and of course Spiderman and sadly it was time to go home.

They collected their Halloweeny goody bags, filled with a bendy skeleton, monster finger puppet, eraser, pencil, a notepad, bat ring and eyeball ring hugged and kissed the birthday girl wishing her one last happy birthday before they retreated back to their own places and Hubby and I could start cleaning ours.

Goody bag

For us the day was not over, after cleaning up, we hit the bathroom to wash off our face paint. Little Mr 0 was happily bouncing away in his bouncer in the bathroom with us. When we went to exit the bathroom, horror struck! The door handle had broken, the door would not open and we were stuck in the bathroom, Hubby, Little Mr 0 and myself. (Like I said, my maiden name ain't Murphy for nothing.)

Thankfully Little Miss 5 was in the lounge room and opened the shutter on our bedroom door - otherwise we would have been f**ked (we have since decided it best to give a spare key to Mr & Mrs M).

Hubby and I popped the screen off the bathroom window, climbed out with Little Mr 0 and ran around in the rain to the bedroom door. But not before Hubby hurt his ankle on the bathroom door trying to kick it open.

Hubby spent the next half hour trying to take the handle off the door so we could access our one and only toilet!

I went to bed shortly after. I was done for the day.

Until next year, Happy Birthday my angel girl. I love you all the way to the moon and back again.


  1. What a cool party and what a day! You all must have been exhausted from your adventures.

    1. I think I am still exhausted from it!
      And our bathroom door is now minus a handle!

  2. That looks like so. much. fun, Sam!! I absolutely love the snake monster popcorn. So clever. And the fact that you all dressed up so authentically! Just brilliant.

    You know me, I LOVE a party family!!! I'm lucky to have a cake-making aunty at my place too (I cannot do cakes - I really can't!) x

    1. Hi Bron, Thanks so much!
      I can't do cakes either so am very lucky to have my sis-in-law.
      For my daughters 3rd b'day she made the cat's hat from Cat in the Hat as her b'day cake, it was awesome!!