Monday, April 1, 2013

Random acts of happy - 3 good things update

I wrote down three good things from each day, here they are....

Sunday 24 March
  • Souths winning 3 from 3
  • Snuggling with my boy
  • Watching Little Miss 4 have fun at the party
Monday 25 March
  • Celebrating my 8 year anniversary with the love of my life
  • Going to the osteopath - my back is killing me!
  • Getting a visit from two of my favourite girls!
Tuesday 26 March
  • Walking Little Miss 4 to daycare
  • Finding time to watch some Seinfeld
  • Having dinner as a family
Wednesday 27 March
  • Receiving a photo of me and my BFF at a wedding we attended recently
  • Finding time to write
  • Chatting with friends
Thursday 28 March
  • Smiles and talks with my little man
  • Dad's birthday
  • Going for a walk
Friday 29 March
  • Seeing family and celebrating Dad's birthday
  • Eating a beautiful lunch and drinking wonderful wine
  • Souths winning 4 from 4
Saturday 30 March
  • Reading some of my Artemis Fowl book
  • Cleaning the house - yep I am happy about this, it was a mess!
  • Hubby sanding the doors, they look amazing

Sunday 31 March
  • Seeing good friends
  • Watching the kids play
  • Watching Little Miss 4 paint the boys fingernails
Monday 1 April
  • Having an extra family day!
  • Hubby cooking dinner
  • Reading books with Little Miss 4

Did you keep a list of three good things per day?


  1. Love this Sam!! Such happiness! I think the more we focus on happiness the more we create! Thank you for sharing this link with me xx