Saturday, May 21, 2016

{Life} How to love yourself more

This being my 40th year on planet Earth, I feel like I am on a path of self-discovery - or perhaps mid-life crisis. Call it what you will, thoughts have definitely been rattling around a lot about how I can "just be".

Be happy in my own skin. Be at peace with myself. And of course, how is this attainable for me - an over-thinker and catastrophizer.

One of the first things is learning to love myself more. Growing up I never loved myself - it was so taboo to say you loved yourself anyway, so why would you, right? Totally wrong!

As I have grown older I have realised that loving yourself is so important. It is something that I am certainly teaching my own children.

I believe loving yourself more involves feeling good about yourself.

So, how can we love ourselves more...these are my tips.

Stick with people who build you up and don't tear you down

As the years have ticked past I have definitely realised there are people in your life who are toxic and those who would support you no matter what. Cut the toxic and hold on to the supportive. Much easier said than done I know. But in the end, so worth it.

The people that support you and are your true cheerleaders are the ones that will make you feel good.

Look after your mental health

Having mental health issues myself, I believe it is so important to look after your mental health. 

For me it is invaluable to find time to meditate and check in regularly with my physchiatrist. Your mental health is just as important as your physical - don't neglect it. 

Having good mental health makes you feel good. 

Do something active

My physchiatrist has been banging on to me about this for years. Recently I actually decided to listen and I have been making regular "appointments" to walk every day - if I don't schedule them into my diary, it just doesn't happen.

The difference it has made in me is awesome. I am feeling better about myself now than I have in ages, which is good. And it is as simple as walking.

Take a break when you need it

I work full time, am a mum to two kids, a wife to one husband, etc, etc. Sometimes I am exhausted, okay often I am exhausted! And have realised sometimes I need a break. Sometimes I need to have a midday nap on the weekend - and that is OKAY! Sometimes I need to take time to get a massage - and that is OKAY!

Taking a break and looking after yourself makes you feel good.

What are your tips for loving yourself more?


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