Thursday, April 28, 2016

Road trippin' to Mudgee - Day 1

Ah, the country. Wide opens spaces, clean crisp air, trees, wildlife. I can't remember the last time I was in the country. In fact, I can't remember ever being in the country for more than a fleeting pass through on the way to somewhere else. How much I have missed out on!

Our good friend has a property in Mudgee, named Burrundulla. It was established almost 200 years ago by the Cox family and is about 2000 acres. Today, our friend Sarah's, mum and dad, Annie and Ted Cox run a vineyard and Cellar Door on the property, aptly called Burrundulla.

This past long weekend we packed up the car and headed out to Mudgee with Sarah and her little miss to take in all the sites and soak up the country life.

The drive from Sydney to Mudgee is three and a half hours (on a good day), so we broke the trip up and stopped at Memorial Park at Blackheath for a picnic lunch and so the kids could burn off some energy.

Memorial Park was great, it had three different play equipment areas and lots of wide open space to run around. But if you need to use the "facilities" be prepared for a hike.

Memorial Park @ Blackheath
Tree adventures
Next stop, Mudgee!

We arrived at Burrundulla mid afternoon and were warmly greeted by Annie and Ted. Two more hospitable and accommodating people you will not meet.

Ted has two older brothers who are also involved in the property. His brother, Mike raises sheep and cattle.

Ted mentioned that Mike was shearing his sheep so we trekked off through the paddocks to the shearing shed. As sheep are only shorn once a year this was a real treat for us. These sheep were still lambs, at only 7 months old and this was their first time getting a hair cut.

The sheep's wool
The sheep waiting their turn
The sheep pen
The "shaun" the sheep
Mark, shearing the sheep
We spent the rest of the afternoon wondering around the property. Burrundulla is an amazing place, filled with lots of available adventures - the kids had made a rocket ship out of various things they had found around the property. The clean crisp country air was also a delight as was the amazing amount of space.

Burrundulla property
Burrundulla property
Sheep skull
And a rainbow
Annie and Ted's house
For dinner we headed into town to the Lawson Hotel, an awesome venue for kids. There are two old wooden boats sitting in a pile of dirt next to the beer garden and the kids were entertained for 3 hours, stopping only for food and the occasional drink of water! The food was good too, with options to cook your own steak.

Mudgee Day 2 will follow soon....

Have you been to Mudgee? 
Been to the Burrundulla Cellar Door?

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