Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Nutritionist and I

Recently, as in maybe the past year and a half, I have been feeling blah. Bloated, flabby, sluggish, exhausted. Decisions had to be made, so they were....something needed to change!

About a year ago, my Dr had organised a treatment plan for me to see a nutritionist, which coincided to when I stopped eating gluten, but life seemed to get in the way and I didn't end up going.

But as part of my focus on "being" more this year I decided that I needed to just make the time, stick to it and go. I wanted to get some advice on a healthy diet full of wholesome foods that the whole family would eat, so who better to talk to than a nutritionist.

I skipped along to my Dr, the lovely Dr Lee at Sydney Integrative Medicine, and she was all for creating me another treatment plan to see the nutritionist at the clinic, the lovely Jaime Chambers.

My first appointment with Jaime was an hour long and we talked about what I was hoping to achieve by seeing her and what I was eating at the moment. As soon as I met her I liked her.

She pointed out where she thought I could improve my diet and created a meal plan for me. She also set me a target of hitting 10,000 steps per day.

I did the obligatory weigh-in and body measurements and she sent me on my way to embrace the new fit, healthy Sam.

We scheduled another appointment for four weeks time to check-in with my progress.

I have been tracking well, enjoying the food - and so is the family. Mind you the food wasn't that much of a change, just cutting down on the pasta.

The difficulty for a gal who sits at her desk all day is hitting the 10,000 steps per day. To alleviate this issue, I have set an hour appointment for myself each day at lunch time to don the sneakers and hit the pavement walking.

If you want to get inspired by Jaime, you can check her out in the following places....

Have you ever seen a nutritionist? Can you hit 10,000 steps per day?

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