Monday, May 4, 2015

Going Gluten Free

My mum was diagnosed with celiac disease 20 years ago. At the time hardly anyone knew what it was or what it meant. "What is celiacs? What is gluten?"

It was awful seeing my mum so unwell, your parents are always the strong, invincible ones. When she was diagnosed it was the light at the end of the tunnel. You see gluten was slowly killing her, by killing the villi on her small intestine. This in turn didn't allow her body to absorb any minerals or nutrients.

My brother and I have both been checked numerous times, blood tests, biopsies and more blood tests.

Until recently there was no test to check if you could develop celiac disease by carrying the gene. Celiac disease is sinister like that, it lays dormant in you, waiting, until one day BANG!

A few years ago I was tested for the gene. I have it.

Recently, I started to feel quite unwell, nausea, headaches, foggy/confused head, constantly bloated and uncomfortable guts, exhausted. At first I put it down to being a mum and general busyness. My doctor had other ideas. Gluten intolerance.

One step away from celiac disease. She recommended trying a gluten free diet, if it helped, great. If it didn't, we continued looking. 

Last November I quit gluten. Things have changed a lot in the past 20 years, supermarkets have sections dedicated to gluten free eating, so that part has been easy.

How do I feel? Great! Going gluten free has definitely made things better for me. And thank goodness. No more nausea, fluffy/confused head, bloated guys.

Are you celiac or gluten free?

Does it make you better?

Got any recipes to share?

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