Saturday, May 30, 2015

{Gluten Free} High Tea at The Tea Room

Last weekend, little miss and I took my mum and sis-in-law to High Tea. I love High Tea. Nothing beats a great cup of tea and some petit fours, does it?

However, since going gluten free I worried that my High Tea days would be over. Alas, this was not to be the case. After some Googling around the interwebs I found that The Tea Room at the QVB in Sydney catered for gluten free. Woohoo!

We arrived at 10am for our morning High Tea and little miss was very excited, to say the least. We sat at the couches and ordered our pots of tea and awaited our delectable delights. We were not disappointed.

The sweet bits were the same for both the gluten free and non-gluten free, which included a strawberry macaroon, a fruit tart, a mango passionfruit layered something-or-other and a chocolate mousse "cake".

Mum and I had gluten free scones with strawberry preserve (totally heavenly) and clotted cream, a small veggie frittata, rice paper rolls and gluten free finger sandwiches.

The service was lovely, extremely friendly and prompt. Always a bonus.

My personal favourite were the scones, perhaps because of the amount of cream I slathered on, but none the less I loved them.

Do you love High Tea?

Do you have a favourite place to go?

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