Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lest we forget

I have never understood war. I never will.

I have never understood violence as an answer for anything.

Young men and women fighting for peace and freedom.  Children, innocent children, caught in the crossfires, eternally tormented with the effects of war. Peace and freedom that should surely already exist.

Countries and families torn apart by enemies both physically and emotionally in this seemingly never ending fight.

Haven't enough wars been fought over the centuries. After all the great wars that have come before us, haven't we learnt the lessons - it benefits no-one. Everyone always loses something - mostly precious life.

I can't imagine the heartache and torture families and friends must feel when a loved one goes to war, never to return. Or their despair of loved ones returned, shadows of their formers selves having experienced atrocities that no-one should ever face.

As we continue to celebrate ANZAC day and remember the brave men and women who have faced war, I hope that one day there is peace and freedom in this world. That one day we can live together as only allies and not enemies.

Lest we forget....

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