Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who Do You Think You Are?

Our family is currently being charted back over the centuries. My mum is the driver behind this mapping of family. She is methodically and meticulously weaving an intricate web of our ancestors.

This lady's name is Catherine. She is my great, great grandmother. She was aboriginal.

She had my great grandfather in 1877, who had my grandmother in 1925 and then along came my mum in 1951 and eventually me in 1976.

There are no records of her birth, it is estimated she was born in 1845.

There are no record of her parents. None of her siblings. As I look in to her eyes I wonder what her story is and am saddened that I will never find out.

She married a guy named James Sullivan in Warren NSW. They had 14 children. My great grandfather, Edward John was sixth in line.

Catherine passed away in Gin Gin Trangie on 20 December 1925.

This man's name is Edward Sullivan. He is my great grandfather. He was half aboriginal. He married a wonderful lady, Elise. Together they were my mums grandparents.

They too had 14 children. My grandmother, Hilda, was eleventh in line. They all grew up in Trangie, where some of my family still live.

Hilda was given her grandmothers name as her middle name, Catherine.

My grandmother, apparently, was subject to discrimination for being part aboriginal. Although accounts are now sketchy, as my grandmother and all her siblings are now in heaven.

These women and men are part of my history. Who are the men and women of your history?

Who Do You Think You Are?
Are you on charting your family history? or perhaps your mum is?

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