Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A journey in my life

The biggest, yet most rewarding journey in my life was the one taken to have my beautiful children.

Our gorgeous little man was "conceived" through IVF. We had seven attempts at IUI and all failed. I can't even describe how gut-wrenchingly hard the failures become. The hormones, blood tests, ultrasounds, sperm samples. It feels like it will never end.

After our seventh fail on IUI, our doctor promptly moved us onto IVF. A small step up I thought. I thought wrong. IVF is FULL ON. I ended up injecting myself three times a day. Bloods and ultrasounds were done daily. Not to mention the emotional toll this process has on everyone involved.

Work trips were cancelled so eggs could be collected. After the surgery I woke to find a number written on your hand. My number was 19. Nineteen eggs had been collected. Not all would survive.

The clinic call daily with updates on the little eggs and sperm turning into embryos. We had five in the end that were viable to transfer. They picked the strongest and in about two minutes the transfer was done.

Then the wait began. Those dreaded two weeks. They seem the longest you will ever endure.

Finally the pregnancy blood test was done. I waited and waited for the phone call. It came, I was pregnant. 36 weeks later our little man was born.

Our gorgeous little lady was "conceived" through IUI. It took nearly one year to conceive her. We tried Clomid and had various investigative surgeries before moving to IUI. At the time I thought it was a mammoth journey to have her. Until we started trying for our little man.

We are truly thankful that this technology exists, otherwise we would not have our wonderful little family. These journeys were definitely worth it.

What has been a journey in your life?

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